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Each blossom of a hydrangea combines with a multitude of other small blossoms to become a bulbous stem. This harbinger of summer is like the number of little stories each of us harbor that make up our bodies, our souls. Reconnect to that which feels like the best part of you with tools, techniques, and support to achieve your ambitions.


Reconnect to your passions. 

Understand how to move beyond the blank page, or the brush strokes that seem to go nowhere. Find meaningful ways to ignite the creative process. Your ideas and emotions matter, create a pathway to express them. Listen to your heart. Learn the important framework for expression. Feed your creativity and watch it flow. The patches of yourself, when cobbled together start to make sense. 


In life as well as on the page, we sort through the past, the present, and imagine the future. I can help you tell your story. Maybe even find an unexpected outcome. 

Group process feeds creativity with focus on adding to the work of others as well as receiving feedback. In safe, confidential situations, participants ​are given opportunity to grow together and as individuals. 

Italy, no matter the season, is a wholly beautiful place to write, to cultivate your spirit, your soul. In quiet places centuries old, writing takes on a new flavor. New thoughts turn to process on the page. 


We are the sum of our parts. 

Nurturing is perhaps one of the greatest joys of my life. On a recent pilgrimage, one of the participants wanted to leave on the first day. Upon an invitation, they joined the first writing circle. Leading the group through exercises, I paid close attention to this person's reaction. What flowed from their writing is perhaps some of the most powerful work I've heard from a first time writer. 

To coach others in the creative process takes some training. My education and professional experience in counseling and family mediation serves my desires to help people ignite their passions, find the core of the stories they want to tell and bring life to those memories that lay within them. 

Paper, pen, computer are appendages of a sort that facilitate my writing life. The world would dull to gray and black without the color created through the written word. People long dead come to life on my pages. They live and breath there, laugh and cry there, and walk and talk in ways that help me to see them in a new light.

If I have one gift to pass along, it is exposure to a plethora of life situations and the ability to translate them on to the page. 

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"To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man"



 I'm anxious to hear about you, your project, your story. There are ways to help you through the process. 


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