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Tina Neyer

Writer | Coach | Facilitator

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“Never let anyone destroy the pleasure you take from the act of writing.”
- Lee Martin

I write to know the world better, to flesh out that which wakes me in the night. Words matter, story makes sense of the words.


“The desire to reach the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise and most possible.”
- Maya Angelou

Let me be your co-conspirator. Learn to write with passion and how to formulate it into what you want.



“I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.”
- Socrates

I am a lifelong learner and educator. In retreat settings, traipsing through Italy, or in a classroom, I am here to help.


Tina Neyer

I believe that helping others on their journey in writing and life - the work of the heart and the work of the soul - is worth doing. 


Tina writes about the dynamic of growing up without a father, hers died before she was born. Through that experience, she developed a keen sense of awareness of her surroundings, looking for what was missing. That awareness feeds her fiction and nonfiction alike. 

Stories matter, they always have, but her professional careers in mediation, counseling, and academics give credence to the development of rich story lines for individual clients, retreatants, workshop attendees, and pilgrims who follow her to Italy on journeys of spiritual awakening.

Tina's current works that have yet to be published include two broad works of historical fiction, a memoir, and several essays. She has written columns for the local paper and magazines as well as national publications, and soon to be an international publication. 

As a freelance writer, is the author of The Book of Renovations Substack blog that tells the story of preserving old homes. She lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and two dogs, Molly and Nutmeg. She is co-founder of Gugel Alley Writers, a weekly writing circle in Newport, Kentucky. 

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