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Here's a little bit about me and why I love working with people like you. 


I started writing when I was twelve, filling a notebook with angsty verse. A lifetime later, I grasped what really matters and began filling computer files with stories pertaining to my life as a fatherless daughter. 


The more I wrote, the more I read and the more I realized the unique and universal aspects of my work. Natasha Trethaway, Mary Karr, Anthony Doerr, Crystal Wilkinson, Jeaneatte Walls, Ernest Hemingway, Wendel Berry, and so many others cultivated my deep-seated need to understand both the soul and the craft of writing.  

My wholistic approach individualizes the coaching experience. I provide authentic, heart-centered practices to help you achieve your goals. Together we explore avenues of new thought so that you can discover your true self and uncover a new expression of the person within. 

I specialize in story development and completion. Whether you intend to publish your work or not, I guide the work to completion. As your co-conspirator in the journey, I give you a strong hand to hold on to in the darkness of not knowing what to do next. 

With a Masters Degree in education and as a certified family mediator, I coach you individually or in group settings through workshops and retreats. I am deeply rooted in spiritual practices that benefit you and your writing. 

I am part of a population of acceptance and yet have experienced victimization, marginalization. I see pathways to help you, no matter ethnicity, gender, age, story is story, and your STORY matters to me. My key skill is to listen, hear you and help you. You deserve the ear of a skilled professional with tools and strategies to claim your place in the world. 

Writing is a lonely pursuit. But it doesn't have to be. What's keeping you from the next step? Feeling inadequate? Overwhelmed? Unable to make a decision? Do you just need someone to help you navigate a difficult situation?


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