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Stories Worth Telling

A writing coach is many things to a person, confidant, cheerleader, teacher, commiserater, and co-conspirator. I work with people who want to publish traditionally, through small presses, through self publishing. My training as a mental health counslor and family mediator has given me a unique perspective on the stories that people want to tell. In my work, I try to evoke the deepest and best a person has to offer and then shepherd them in the publishing portion of the work. 

We work to produce the best product, something the client is happy with, like Hunting Wildflower  by Jeanette Jackson and Marvel Ferguson. That story started with a cache of letters written in the 1930s, and Jeanette wanted to capture the thoughts of her aging Aunt Marvel. Now at 104, Marvel and Jeanette are speaking and selling books in many local bookstores.


Then again, my client, Terry Focht has published several volumes of poetry. Early on when we worked together he focused on essays, but soon found poetry to be his forte. His latest collection, Thinkin' about Stuff is a light look at what an aging man might have on his mind. Each book he publishes, he sends me a copy and thanks me for what little I did to foster his career as a writer.


I hired a story editor/coach. 
I ended up with a life friend and a published novel.

- Jeanette Jackson, author of Hunting Wildflowers


Writing Coach Sessions
Contact me for more info or to sign up


Individual Sessions

60-minute sessions that you design to fit your work, life, and budget

Mindfulness Journal Writing

Six 60-minute sessions. Cultivate your consciousness with six sessions to open yourself to new pathways of thought through discussion and writing prompts.

The Craft of Writing

Six 60-minute sessions customized to your writing education. We work together to help you become a better writer, develop your story, complete a manuscript. Learn the basics of what makes for a good read.

Book-length Manuscript Assessment

We start with a meeting to discuss your project. You submit 50 pages of your book and a one page summary. You receive a detailed, two-page editorial review that highlights strengths, challenges, and an overall understanding of the project, in-line comments of the first ten pages and a one-hour session to discuss the feedback.​

Book Length Manuscript Intensive

Your 200 to 300 page project is complete. Let me be a second set of eyes on your novel or memoir. I take a deep dive into your project, page by page, to examine the strengths and challenges of the manuscript. I provide a 5 to 7 page review of the material with possible next steps for the writer.

How to sign up

Let's take your writing to the next level. 

Email me for info or to set up your individual plan.


Thanks to Tina, I learned to trust the truth revealed in my composition, and to objectively self-edit to improve its quality.

- Paul, poet in Washington State 

“ Tina's guidance was crucial in clarifying my goals and developing a plan grounded in realistic aspirations.
I acquired vital writing and organizational skills that were previously absent from my skill set. This learning journey culminated in the successful completion of a project that exceeded all my expectations in a mere 18 months. Collaborating with Tina has been a transformative experience, and I look forward to continuing this journey with her on future projects. The caliber of mentorship she provides as a writing coach is outstanding.” 
- Kelly Richey, musician, nonfiction writer

Writing about a horrific marriage of seventeen years required thoughtful, non-judgmental feedback that only another experienced writer like Tina offers. I never thought, it possible to write it all down and yet with her suggestions and encouragement I’ve completed a rough draft!” 
- Patricia Miller, memoirist  

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