Let me be your Co-Conspiritor. 

  • Mindfulness Raising Journal Writing, 6 one-hour sessions. Cultivate your consciousness with six sessions to open your consciousness through discussion and writing prompts, Cost $330.

  • Story Development Program, a 6-session program to assess the story bubbling up in you, design lessons on craft to help you, and setting goals to get the story written. Cost $360.

  • Book-length Manuscript Assessment, Intake interview, you submit 50 pages of your book and a one page summary. You receive a detailed, two-page editorial review that highlights strengths, challenges, and an overall understanding of the project, in-line comments of the first ten pages and a one-hour session to discuss the feedback.​ Cost $199.

  • Book Development Plan, Includes

    • (1) 30-minute intake session to understand your project and goals for that project: type of publishing, writing style, the story.

    • (2)One general look at the manuscript, an evaluation of your outline.

    • (3) A report of no less than five pages, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and next steps. Cost $400

  • Cultivating Your Intuition Program. 6 one-hour sessions focused on getting to the root of what comes next. Believe in your ability to decide the right next steps, let me help. Cost $330

  • Transitional Coaching. One-to-one coaching you through empty nesting, job changes, retirement, relocation. Cost $70 per hour.

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