September 12 to 24, 2020


Today we pray and grieve for the people of Italy. It is apparent that this is not the time for us to think of our own wants and needs, but rather to stand with the people of this beautiful country. We plan to go to Italy in 2021, perhaps April, 2021 when the wild asparagus will bloom once again and the smell of poppies is in the air. 

Until then, please stay safe.  

Both first-time and experienced travelers to Assisi and Rome will benefit from attending this Pilgrimage.
While on pilgrimage, we will celebrate Mass and visit shrines, holy places and notable sites most days. For those who have attended a previous Pilgrimage, the 2020 schedule will provide reflective options to explore the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare through writing, photography and other activities.

Several years ago, Father John Quigley invited me to join his pilgrimage team. I am excited to join him once more on this journey to lead writing circles and presentations on Saint Clare of Assisi.

For a printable Brochure with more information, and Registration Form for this Pilgrimage which includes the travel schedule, please click the links below:  




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