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Potato Hill Farm: a Modern Fold School

I'm excited to announce a collaboration in 2020 with Potato Hill Farm: a Modern Folk School. Throughout the coming year, classes, workshops and retreats are yours for the picking. We will start the year with a centering retreat.This retreat is designed to help you regain your inner navigator and find a sense of contentment while you define the path ahead.

Training your attention through mindfulness practices can help to cultivate deeper connections with yourself and others. 

Do you want to develop a fresh narrative for the coming year? Find your inner compass and set the path for peace and loving kindness by spending a day at Potato Hill Farm where Tina will guide a process of centering and intention setting that can be used everyday. 

The morning is designed with a series of centering exercises to look within, focus on you alone and find a deeper sense of self love and compassion.

A nutritious, flavor-filled lunch follows with a deepening connection to other attendees.


The afternoon session couples sensory activities that will help to build the intentions you most desire. You will be able to choose from a variety of activities around the farm.

We will come back together for a ceremonial closing and you will be sent on your way. 

As always, we suggest a trip into Augusta for dinner or a visit to Baker Bird Winery to celebrate the good work you've done in the day. 

If you can't make it on January 11 here are other offerings throughout the coming year.

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