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Be Careful What You Wish For...

In these waning days of summer, I look to the fall as a time to busy up my life. It seems to be a throw back to the days of raising kids and the start of school.

Pre- and current-pandemic times, I have been partnering with Women Writing for (a) Change in Cincinnati, Ohio teaching the craft of writing. This fall we are offering a class that dives deep into the use and construction of scenes in a story. Our class is filling up quickly.

Life has changed dramatically for many of us and I am no different. I also have had a schedule of spiritual retreats, Covid conscious, at Potato Hill Farm. Private retreats have been booked and I can not offer retreats to the public through the end of 2020.

I continue to work with individual clients, and have three book projects that I continue to coach, as well as a client transitioning from one stage of life to the next.

Wherever you are, I hope you have time to watch the sun set, play with your puppies and ponder the next steps in your life.


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