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You are Strong and Capable

The Fletcher method of Pilates is a specific practice centered on strengthening dancers, ballerinas in particular. Dance, the healing principles of which have presented themselves to me at critical junctures in my life, now being one. I feared twisting and hurting myself, but no more. Now, I feel like the 4-yr-old who mimicked Juliet Prouse as she flitted across the black and white screen on a Sunday night. My instructor reminds me when things get difficult that I am, in fact, strong and capable. The statement is like a crescendo, cascading over the rest of my daily life. And so we all are strong and capable physically, in our work, and in our play, spiritually, and mentally.

When my partner, Annette, and I started talking about this workshop, we thought about all the people who have crossed our paths before with stories. Looks of concern and confusion often cross the brows of those who are compelled to tell their stories but aren't sure of themselves in the craft of writing those stories.

We have designed this workshop to give participants time away from the everyday, to focus on components of a good story. We're excited to offer this as a way to get the creative juices flowing, complete a draft, and look forward to publication in one form or another.

With a little less than a month to go, we are about half full, so if you are considering this, please email Annette at or me at . We'd love for you to join us in a place that is like a gentle breeze to the creative soul.

Sanctuary one-day retreats returns December 2nd. Find Your Way Through Darkness with the Healing Power of Writing, at River of Light Retreat Center in Georgetown, Ohio just 45 minutes from Cincinnati. Take time to be quiet, focus, and return to your best self. Develop rituals that feed your heart and soul. Whether you are working through something such as a difficult decision, grief and loss, or merely wanting to clear away excess baggage that piles up over the year, this retreat will provide a place to explore in a safe and healthy way.

Lead by me, Tina Neyer, counselor and writing coach, with years of experience in relational dynamics. The day begins with registration between 8:30 and 9:00. In a morning filled with writing and discussions, we break for a simple lunch of soup and salad, after which, you will have time to be with your thoughts before coming back to the group for some sharing of ideas and discussion. You might even want to share some of your writing as well, but it's not required. We end the day at 5:00, refreshed and renewed to face whatever comes nest. More specifics to follow. And if you know now that you'd like to join us, let me know through email. I will be posting reminders on social media, with an event page on my website for more information.

In the past months I've had the good fortune of writing about my favorite bookstore, Roebling Books and Coffee for Kentucky Monthly Magazine. . It's my first cover story for this publication and am quite proud of it. Take a look at the link I shared.

And if you like what you see, consider a subscription. The magazine is published monthly and always has such great takeaways about all things Kentucky.

I'm not sure about a pub date for an anthology I'll have a piece in, but that was another bit of good news to hear that a humor piece was accepted by Awfully Hilarious to be included in an anthology called Period Pieces. I'll let you know when its out in print. I've shared the piece with Gugel Alley Writers, my trusted Wednesday morning circle and got a few laughs. Most said it could be a good performance piece. Who knows, I might hit the stage with this one.

Dayton (Ky) Heritage Museum has been a pet project of mine for the last 11 years. While life happened and I became disengaged in the museum for a while, I'm back at it. Thursday October 12 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of this beautiful little place. I'm excited to resume the work of uncovering stories like the fact that one of the winningest coaches in collegiate basketball got his start in Dayton, or that one of the discoverers of the streptococcal virus lived in Dayton. Fodder for so many new stories to write.

White Sands and Las Cruces, New Mexico proved to be the best little getaway for my husband and me. Our dear friends, Barbara and Keith opened their home to us for lively conversation, touring as far south as the border, and the beautiful and mystical White Sands. Its a trip we won't soon forget.

Until next time...


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